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Present year 4717
_ Past 6 Years_


  • Rumors spread that the Whispering Way has found great power in Ustalav
  • Giant Crystalline Beetle full of duergar attacks the streets of Absolom


  • Group of adventurers found new city, Everlight, east of Daggermark in the River Kingdoms
  • Large red dragon is sighted in Belkzen
  • As war floods in Tian Xia, refugees of foreign races enter the inner sea


  • Candlestone Caverns are cleared and sealed by group of adventures but with the cost of there lives.
  • Earthquakes common to Oregent, Andoran, can now be felt all over Darkmoon Vale
  • Group of Pathfinders claim Aroden helped them defeat undead Abolith beneath Absolom


  • The Hold of Belkzen starts war of ash against Lastwall
  • As rumor spreads of a powerful evil near Sandpoint, Varisia, adventures head north to smite evil forces but are never seen again.


  • Mummified child-king, Walkena, moves army of undead north in the Mawangi expanse, leaving death in his pass
  • Resilient follower of Aroden claims he healer his brother with divine power, brother was murdered next day by common thugs


  • The Eye of Abendego grows and the sodden lands flood
  • Castle Firrine of Lastwall falls to ruin in the war of ash. Orc warlord is seen riding red dragon.

Main Page

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